Attention home stagers, decorators, designers, stylists, feng shui consultants or professional organizers -- anyone in the business of beautifying homes, condos and apartments . . .

Do You Know the 10 Critical Components Your Business Needs in Order to Succeed?

Dana J Smithers - Home Staging Training ExpertThe Best Way To Market Your Staging & Design Business Is By Learning From An Expert In Home Staging And Decorating

"Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Home Staging & Styling Business"

In this self-paced marketing home-study course,
you will learn HOW to MARKET your
home staging business properly

Create Your Very Own 90 Day Marketing Plan

Dana adjusting paintingHi, I'm Dana Smithers, professional home stager and trainer and I have some exciting news to share!

Let me ask you something, are you feeling like your business is failing because you have run out of ideas of how to find new clients?

For over 10 years, I have trained hundreds of home stagers to not only learn how to stage and redesign a home, but to also start and run a successful home staging business.

And over the years I have noticed a pattern . . .

After their training, many graduates only did the marketing that they felt comfortable with and, when it didn't get them the results they wanted they let their dream of becoming a home stager 'die'. Fear stopped them from moving forward and over time they became disgruntled and became a victim of their own negative thinking.

I knew I needed to help!

For years I have been successfully marketing my own business after investing countless hours and money into expanding my knowledge base. Now I want you to learn to do the same thing -- and I'll show you every step of the way! I will share hundreds of online and offline marketing tactics and tell you the BEST ones for you in your home staging, styling, decorating, feng shui or professional organizing business!

Introducing my brand new online course offering: Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Home Staging & Styling Business

"For the first time ever, I am sharing how to properly market your home stying and staging business and have laid out my years of education and experience for you, step-by-step,
in this 6 week 'learn from home' format!"

Does this sound familiar?

If any of what I just said resonates with you, I have great news for you . . . you are in the right place!

You CAN have a successful business without having to invest thousands of dollars with people who have never been in this industry! I started out as an interior decorator, added redesign to my business and then home staging and I grew it from the ground up to a 6 figure business.

If I CAN do it, so CAN you!

And that's why I want to invite you to my
ALL NEW "Learn From Home" training course . . .

"Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies to Grow Your
Home Staging & Styling Business "

Here's what you'll learn during this 6-lesson (plus bonus) intensive home-study program:

Module 1

Understanding How Marketing Grows Your Business

  • Learn what marketing is and more importantly, what it is not so you can stop spinning your wheels
  • Discover how 'push and pull' marketing both work when attracting ideal clients
  • Find out how to build your list and why this is critical to your on-going success
  • Learn hundreds of marketing tactics you can use both 'online and offline'
Module 2

Identifying your Ideal Client & Your Message

  • Gain clarity on exactly what your service and/or product offerings are and learn why 'packaging' is a key component to long-term success
  • Learn the 4 key areas you need to use to identify your ideal client
  • Explore your brand 'message' and USP; learn how to make it more effective to get the results you seek
  • Create a position statement that will boost you as an expert in your field even with little experience
Module 3

The Top 1 - 3 BEST Marketing Strategies

  • Find out how and why networking allows potential clients to 'know you, like you and trust you' -- create your infomercial and gain confidence
  • Speaking Engagements are the vehicle for you to be seen and heard; learn how to find them, how to get them and when to do them
  • Discover the key ingredients to a successful professional website; gain ideas to creating your irresistible offer and your enewsletter sign up on your website
  • Understand how these 3 marketing tactics contribute to successful list (or tribe) building and why you need them in your funnel
Module 4

The Top 4 - 6 BEST Marketing Strategies

  • Stay-In-Touch marketing; this single strategy will ensure you stay 'engaged' with your potential clients and existing clients
  • Social Media; how to make the most of your time and stop wasting precious energy on doing it the wrong way and on the wrong sites
  • Trade Shows; the in's and out's of gaining market share; learn which shows are the best, when to do them, and where
  • Discover how to get a great ROI as a participant or an attendee
Module 5

The Top 7 - 10 BEST Marketing Strategies

  • Learn how to train your 'unpaid sales force' to give you 'raving fan testimonials through WOM (word of mouth) referrals
  • Find out why Open Houses provide a great opportunity to market your business
  • Discover why taking part in Charities/Auctions/Golf Tournaments can greatly enhance your business image and reputation
  • Your articles/e-articles can quickly make you the 'perceived' or 'real' expert in your field; learn what appeals to your ideal client and how to engage them
Module 6

Developing Your Marketing Wheel and 90 Day Marketing Plan

  • Determine your Top 10 BEST marketing tactics
  • Review a sample 90 Day Marketing Plan
  • Create your unique marketing wheel from your Top 10 BEST marketing tactics
  • Create your 90 Day Marketing Plan
  • Understand how to use the Law of Attraction in creating your business success


90 Minutes with Website Developer & eMarketing Strategist Susan Friesen of eVision Media. Whether you are in the start-up stage or have an existing website you NEED to KNOW what Susan has to tell you to make your website, aka your 'storefront,' a WOW!

But Wait! There's More!!

Choose to invest in this online course and you can also get several added bonuses! See below for details . . .

If you are in the business of 'beautifying homes' then this content-rich marketing course is right for you! If you want real tools with real marketing plans that you can implement right away to increase your business and make more money -- then keep reading!

Many home stagers, stylists, decorators, professional organizers and feng shui consultants have been asking for more concrete solutions to attracting more clients through more effective marketing strategies. Well -- we listened and we have responded!

Whether you have just started your business or have been in business for a while, you will never be able to stop marketing and growing your database! Learn the right strategies now to get the most out of your efforts.

Read what others have said about the workshop I've based this comprehensive course:

Valerie Westra

I've taken several of the PRES professional development courses and recently the webinar on Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies. It was the best course I've ever taken! I was already working on my marketing plan and this course provided many ideas that I decided to implement immediately.

I have set up a Client Appreciation Night with strategic alliances and have had a fantastic response to that event. I'm also doing a trade show at a women's expo which will attract my ideal client. Because Dana said it's smarter to continue to market to past clients I have been reconnecting with past clients and potential clients who have been opening my enewsletters.

Also having my website critiqued by a web developer expert Susan Friesen of eVision Media was a major bonus and I already started making changes. And did I mention a bonus follow-up call with Dana? After finishing the course Dana provided an extra bonus coaching call to help me prioritize my strategies for the next month and also gave me additional ideas about my events. I feel inspired and ready to grow my brand! The investment for any of the PRES staging training courses has always been worth it!

- Valerie Westra -- At First Sight Staging Solutions

Heather Stewart

Loved this course! Tons of information and ideas clearly presented. It brought me back to thinking about some basic marketing tactics that I need to get back to doing. It was great to have some tools to do real planning -- the 90 day plan and marketing wheel -- and not just theory.

- Heather Stewart -- HS Home Staging

In summary, here is what you will instantly receive:

Marketing Strategies to Grow Your
Home Staging & Styling Business Live, Online Course
Lesson 1
MP3 Recording, PDF Slides and PDF Handout/Exercises covering:

Understanding How Marketing Grows Your Business
* List building techniques
* Online and offline marketing tactics
Lesson 2
MP3 Recording, PDF Slides and PDF Handout/Exercises covering:

Identifying your Ideal Client & Your Message
* Product "Packaging"
* Identify your ideal client
* Learn your brand message
* Identify your Unique Selling Proposition
* Create your position statement
Lesson 3
MP3 Recording, PDF Slides and PDF Handout/Exercises covering:

The Top 1 - 3 BEST Marketing Strategies
* Networking tips and strategies
* Speaking engagements that build your credibility
* What makes an effective website
* eNewsletters and taking potential clients through a marketing "Funnel"
Lesson 4
MP3 Recording, PDF Slides and PDF Handout/Exercises covering:

The Top 4 - 6 BEST Marketing Strategies
* Stay-in-touch marketing
* Social media strategies
* Trade shows and getting a great return on your investment
Lesson 5
MP3 Recording, PDF Slides and PDF Handout/Exercises covering:

The Top 7 - 10 BEST Marketing Strategies
* How to build a strong following of cheerleaders for your business
* Working open houses to your favour
* Events that will build your brand image and reputation
* Article marketing to build credibility
Lesson 6
MP3 Recording, PDF Slides and PDF Handout/Exercises covering:

Creating Your Marketing Wheel and Your 90 Day Marketing Plan
* BEST marketing tactics you can easily use
* Marketing plan review and creation
* Create your own marketing wheel
* Using the Law of Attraction in business
BONUS Lesson
MP3 Recording and PDF Slides covering:

90 Minutes with Website Developer & eMarketing Strategist Susan Friesen of eVision Media. Whether you are in the start-up stage or have an existing website you NEED to KNOW what Susan has to tell you to make your website, aka your 'storefront,' a WOW!

eBook Getting Ready for an Open HouseBonus eBOOK:

Getting Ready for an Open House in 10 Easy Steps!


eBook Creating Curb Appeal that Sells!Bonus eBOOK:

Creating Curb Appeal that Sells!


Trade Secrets to Hanging Art Like a PRO!Bonus eBOOK:

Trade Secrets to Hanging Art Like a PRO!


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"If you gain just one client as a result of the skills
and tools you receive from this course,
you will have recouped your investment."

And the good news is that you will now have the tools you require to successfully market a home staging or styling business, but you will also have the insider tips and strategies I have learned throughout my years as a home stager and corporate trainer on how to attract your perfect client so you don't have to worry about "selling" anymore!

Plus you are protected by my PRES® Training Guarantee

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I'm confident that when you take this training program, you're going to be thrilled at the amount of information, tools and tips I will be providing throughout the course and beyond!

I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you'll be able to run a very successful home 'beautifying' business, no matter what the current state of economy is!

Just to back that up, after receiving your purchase and if you decide it's truly not for you, just let me know and get a full refund. 100%! Without question.

Louise Henry

What I found most helpful was the top 3 BEST marketing strategies lesson. That lesson inspired me to take the plunge and hire a part time assistant to be consistent with follow up with realtors and home owners. The template Dana provided made it easier for me to focus and clearly define the type of ideal clients I feel best suited to work with. The MP4 downloads were fantastic - templates were all very well laid out and easy to follow. With my NOW very BUSY home staging business I can come back to these webinar audio materials and review when the time best works with my schedule.

Since I took Dana's Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies I am more focused and my business direction is more defined. I have always been passionate about educating home owners and realtors how they can best prepare their properties for today's real estate market. In the past I have hosted talks in libraries, banking institutions and coffee shops but now since Dana's course it's really super exciting because I had a call from a realtor team and they are hosting a private function for all their clients and invited me as a guest speaker WOOOOOOOO!!

If you are sitting on the FENCE with your business this marketing seminar may turn your business from part-time to full- time as long as your prepared to take ACTION and follow some simple and positive suggestions!

PS: Thank you from the bottom of my HEART! Your PASSION and ENTHUSIASM to help home stagers & designers to SUCCEED is AMAZING!

- Louise Henry -- Pair Home Design

Joanne Mackay

After taking some time off from building my Home Staging Business, I knew some of the marketing strategies I applied previously, would not work as efficiently today. Dana's Top 10 Best Marketing Strategies for Stagers and Stylists course was just what I needed. It allowed me to review some past material covered in her home staging course plus so much more.

She focused on all the key points I need to learn and embrace like social media and improving my website presence in 2013. I now have at my disposal all the up to date marketing strategies I will ever need to refer back to thanks to all your wonderful templates and handouts, whenever I need it.

- Joanne Mackay -- Ocean Breeze Staging

Susan Hargraves

A wealth of information as always from Dana's courses! Her experience and knowledge offers a rich resource for information and strategies. Additionally Dana has a knack for seeing the potential in people when they fail to see it in themselves! A fabulous course with great support and materials for me as a residential stylist.

- Susan Hargraves -- Residential Stylist

Josee LaLonde

Taking Dana's Top 10 BEST Marketing Strategies webinar has opened my mind to new possibilities of marketing my new business and to really focus on who is my target market and how can I get to them. Having all the MP4 files and the handouts was most definitely value added; being able to do it on my own time was a great time saver and easier on my crazy schedule.

You are a great teacher, mentor and speaker. Thank you for your amazing knowledge and for sharing it with us. YOU ROCK!

- Josee LaLonde -- The HOUSSE

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  • I will receive Dana's 6-module intensive workbook PDF file.
  • I will receive lesson workbooks to follow as well as example templates, samples and checklists.
  • I will have access to the private exclusive PRES LinkedIn group where I can discuss each of the training modules with my fellow students and ask clarifying questions every step of the way.

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With Gratitude,
Dana Smithers
Dana J. Smithers
PRES® Staging Training & Business Support
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P.S. It doesn't matter to me if you take my course or not. It does matter to me that you invest in yourself. If this is not the right course for you or the right time I'm really okay with that. What DOES, however, matter to me is that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don't let this be one more thing you need to "think about." Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, register now and get ready to accelerate your business to heights you have only dreamed of until now!

Lena Pereira

Great to revisit what I learned in the PRES 5 day staging course now that I am ready to move forward in a BIG way! Excellent, high level content rich course, organized, practical and inspirational! Can't wait to make more contacts and more money!

- Lena Pereira -- West Side Staging Solutions

Diana Zinck

This was my second course with Dana and both have been fantastic. You leave with a plan and a list of 'To Dos'. She makes everything clear and the interaction with others helps us learn from each other. The marketing Wheel and the plan will force me to write things down!

- Diana Zinck --The Stage Coach